2017 New Zealand IYPT Finals

The NZ finals took place on Saturday 25th of March at the University of Canterbury. Congratulations to all participants and good luck to the 9 individuals who were chosen for the NZ selection squad. They will present their new problem on Saturday 8th of April with the aim of gaining a place on the New Zealand team which will compete in Singapore in July.

The placings for the NZ finals were as follows:

1st = Onslow College
2nd = Wellington High School
3rd = Auckland Grammar School
4th = ACG Parnell College
5th = Riccarton High School
6th = Rangi Ruru Girls School

1st Place - Onslow College

1st Place – Onslow College

2nd place - Wellington High School

2nd Place – Wellington High School

3rd Place - Auckland Grammar School

3rd Place – Auckland Grammar School

NZ Selection Squad

NZ Selection Squad