NZ Team Selection for IYPT

NZYPT is the qualifying event for the selection of the the New Zealand team to compete at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. At the National Final a squad of eight members is selected, including the three members of the winning team plus the best five other students. Each member of this squad will be given a new problem to research and will present their “solution” at the Team Selection Meeting. At this meeting the best five students will be selected as the New Zealand team. The costs of travel to the Team Selection Meeting will be met by IYPT New Zealand.

If a student wants to be considered for selection in the New Zealand squad, they will be asked to indicate this in writing prior to the New Zealand Final.

The members of the New Zealand team must be committed to giving of their own time in preparation for the international tournament and in attending the team training camps. The dates of these training camps are still to be determined but attendance is compulsory. Team members will have to contribute to the cost of travel. Students are initially asked to pay the full costs of this travel and then a grant is sought from the Royal Society of New Zealand. This grant normally covers a significant portion of these costs but students are still expected to contribute.

Rules governing the conduct of the Regional Tournaments, the National Final and the selection the New Zealand team are detailed in the IYPT New Zealand Regulations.