NZYPT 2022 problems

The 7 Problems for  NZYPT  2022

1.  Ball on Membrane

When dropping a metal ball on a rubber membrane stretched over a plastic cup, a sound can be heard. Explain the origin of this sound and explore how its characteristics depend on relevant parameters.

2.  Strange Motion

Sprinkle small floating particles on the surface of water in a bowl. Bring a strong magnet above and near to the water surface. Explain any observed motion of the particles.

3.  Tennis Ball Tower

Build a tower by stacking tennis balls using three balls per layer and a single ball on top. Investigate the structural limits and the stability of such a tower. How does the situation change when more than three balls per each layer and a suitable number of balls on the top layer are used?

4.  Balls on an Elastic Band

Connect two metal balls with an elastic band, then twist the elastic band and put the balls on a table. The balls will begin to spin in one direction, then in the other. Explain this phenomenon and investigate how the behaviour of such a “pendulum” depends on the relevant parameters.

5.  Three-Sided Dice

To land a coin on its side is often associated with the idea of a rare occurrence. What should be the physical and geometrical characteristics of a cylindrical dice so that it has the same probability to land on its side and one of its faces?

6.  Candle Powered Turbine

A paper spiral suspended above a candle starts to rotate. Optimise the setup for maximum torque.

7.  Boycott Effect

If particles are suspended in a liquid that has a lower density than the particles, the particles will settle to the bottom of the container. The rate of settling can be affected by tilting the container that holds the liquid. Explain this phenomenon and investigate the effect of relevant parameters.