NZYPT 2024 problems

1. Ping Pong Rocket: A ping pong ball is placed in a container of water. When the container is dropped, the ping pong ball will get launched to a great height. What maximum height can you reach with up to 2 litres of water?

2.  Droplet Microscope: By looking through a single water droplet placed on a glass surface, one can observe that the droplet acts as an imaging system.  Investigate the magnification and resolution of such a lens.

3.  Ruler Trick: Place a ruler on the edge of a table, and throw a ball at its free end. The ruler will fall. However, if you cover a part of the ruler with a piece of paper and repeat the throw, then the ruler will remain on the table while the ball will bounce off it. Explain this phenomenon, and investigate the relevant parameters.

4.  Shooting Rubber Band: A rubber band may fly a longer distance if it is non-uniformly stretched when shot, giving it spin. Optimise the distance that a rubber band with spin can reach.

5.  Magnetic Gear: Take several identical fidget spinners and attach neodymium magnets to their ends. If you place them side by side on a plane and rotate one of them, the remaining ones start to rotate only due to the magnetic field. Investigate and explain the phenomenon.

6.  Non-contact resistance: The responses of a LRC circuit driven by an AC source can be changed by inserting either a non-magnetic metal rod or a ferromagnetic rod into the inductor coil. How can we obtain the magnetic and electric properties of the inserted rod from the circuit’s responses?

7. The Soap Spiral: Lower a compressed slinky into a soap solution, pull it out and straighten it. A soap film is formed between the turns of the slinky. If you break the integrity of the film, the front of the film will begin to move. Explain this phenomenon and investigate the movement of the front of the soap film.