2018 Regional Competition

Congratulations to all teams who competed in the 2018 regional NZYPT competition. The top 3 teams in each region were:

1st = ACG Parnell College 1
2nd = ACG Parnell College 2
3rd = Auckland Grammar School 1

1st = Wellington High School A
2nd = Onslow
3rd = Wellington High School B

1st = Burnside High School
2nd = Riccarton High School B
3rd = Riccarton High School A

The NZ finals took place on Saturday 24th of March at the University of Canterbury with 9 teams competing. The top 2 schools from the Christchurch and Wellington regions, and the top 5 schools from the Auckland region. These schools were:

  • ACG Parnell College
  • Auckland Grammar School
  • St Cuthbert’s College
  • Kristin School
  • Wellington High School
  • Onslow College
  • Burnside High School
  • Riccarton High School


ACG Parnell 1 – 1st in Auckland

Wellington High School and Onslow College

Burnside High School – 1st in Christchurch