2021 NZYPT registration details

Organisation details for the

New Zealand Young Physicists’ Tournament (NZYPT)  2021

The NZYPT National Organising Committee has worked on a new model for organising the New Zealand Young Physicists’ Tournament in 2021. This will manage alterations needed due to changes in the Covid-19 situation. The new format separates the New Zealand Schools team competition from the selection of students to participate internationally in an online IYPT. This model will enable more school teams to enter the regional tournaments by giving students more time to research and find solutions to the 7 problems in NZYPT.

For the first time, individual students can enter an online competition to qualify for the New Zealand representative team. This allows schools across New Zealand to encourage individual students without the need for assembling a team of three. Individual students from anywhere in the country can enter the New Zealand IYPT squad selection process without taking part in the regional schools’ competition although it is expected most will take part.

Face to face NZYPT regional tournaments for school teams will take place in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. These will be followed by an Online National final for the top school teams from the regions. This format minimises the need for travel.

Outline of the 2021 NZYPT regional and National team tournaments

  1. Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington venues will host a regional tournament on Saturday 29th May 2021. Schools may enter up to two teams consisting of three students and a teacher/juror for their regional event.
  2. All school teams must be fully registered with names of participating students provided and the entry fee of $105 paid by Friday 7th May 2021. Use the online form link that follows to start your entry process. You do not need students’ names to register.
  3. Entry link for NZYPT regional tournaments 2021 is team entry form
  4. Invoices and further details of the competition will be sent to schools on completion of the online registration form.
  5. The top teams from each region will compete in an Online National Tournament on Sat 12th June 2021 for the title of National Champions and the national trophy.

Outline of the 2021 New Zealand IYPT squad selection process for IYPT:

  1. Individual students from anywhere in New Zealand can enter the New Zealand representative team selection process. Students in a school team must also enter as individuals to be considered for selection.
  2. Students entering this process must research one or more of the 7 NZYPT 2021 problems and select their best solution to present in a 12 minute video report. The video should show the apparatus used and the experiment taking place with a PowerPoint (or equivalent) set of slides and an oral explanation of the Physics of their solution. This video needs to be saved on YouTube.
  3. Individuals must register their intention to enter the New Zealand representative team selection process using the link Individual entry link and have paid the $20 entrance fee by Friday 26th March.
  4. Each student and their supporting teacher will be sent an email explaining how to submit their video presentation after they have registered and paid the entrance fee.
  5. The final date for video submissions is Friday 26th March 2021. No videos will be accepted after 10 pm (NZ time) on this date.
  6. All participants will receive feedback by Friday 9th April including those students being interviewed as potential members of the New Zealand representative team. These interviews will take place online on Saturday 10th April. Please keep this date free as alternative dates will not be possible.
  7. Interviewed students will be told on Sunday 11th April if they have been selected for the New Zealand squad. The NZ squad will be then be given another problem from the IYPT 2021 problem list to individually investigate for four weeks.
  8. The New Zealand national representative team of 5 students will be selected from the New Zealand squad by a further online interview on Saturday 8th May. Squad members will present the results of their research personally in a 12-minute online presentation followed by discussion with jurors. The successful team will be announced after all squad members receive feedback on Sunday 9th May.